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PROEL Automation – Your reliable partner.

How to unite the two – top quality products and professional support that provides the best answer for every buyer, whether it is a piece of equipment for industrial automation or a complete industrial solution? The company PROEL Automatizacija d.o.o. is led by a vision of more efficient industrial solutions. For this reason, we approach every customer individually, working with them as a partner who is expected to react quickly and offer the most productive solution.

Fast and safe

PROEL Automatizacija provides a fast delivery time and offers a guarantee on purchased products.

New products and service

New collaborations and expanding the range of products and services.

Continuos progress

The stock in Zagreb is continuously growing, as is the number of satisfied customers.


SCADA system

SCADA system

The SCADA system serves us to monitor and manage industrial processes. Our engineers have experience with various platforms (Wonderware, Progea, ABB, Siemens WinCC, GE iFix).

PLC programming

PLC programming

Fast and efficient PLC programming for all your needs. We are able to deliver all types of PLC systems, from simpler to more complex systems for larger applications.


Electrical design

EPLAN electrical design

Electrical design is performed within the EPLAN Electric P8 system, a fast system for planning and designing industrial solutions for machines and systems according to recognized standards.

Panel bulding

Electrical cabinets

Electrical cabinets for the industry are made using the most modern design tools and in accordance with domestic and international standards. Serial and project production of electrical cabinets.

Machine building

Machine Building

Whether you need a conveyor belt, screw conveyor, or other production machines, you are in the right place – because of our expertise in the design and manufacture of machines and production lines for a wide range of industrial applications.

Industrial robot

Robotic system

The industrial robot and the robotic arm increase production by more than 50%. Robotics is real science, and ABB, KUKA, YASKAWA, and KAWASAKI robots bring ready-made solutions for the industry.

Machine Vision System

Machine Vision System

In our country, it is called computer vision, and in the world it is known as the machine vision system. Finished system for quality control in industry with the help of industrial cameras.



Significant progress in the rationalization of energy consumption in industry is noticeable due to the growth of investment in the control of energy consumption, which brings higher energy efficiency (KPI).

Weighing system

Weighing system

We supply quality industrial scales, measuring cells, and a complete monitoring system and weighing process control technology for a wide range of industrial applications. Precise and verified.